Education in Obesity

| November 17, 2010

I want to contribute this Trends in Ed to the latest education controversy – Education about Obesity. The Obama government has been putting in strong effort on educating and making America a healthier country – The first lady even started a campaign named Let’s Moveto encourage the idea of not being obese. My question is: What does obese stand for? What is really fat and what is skinny?

I grew up in Taiwan, a country that is obsessed with dieting. The concept of being fat is taken entirely to another level. I always worry about my weight weeks before I return home to Taiwan and I am always teased about being fat when I am home. Truth is, in America standards, I’m ok, I am nowhere near fat in this country; I often wonder how do I feel confident, beautiful, and fit while I’m in America, but feel “obese” when I return home.

The attached video shows a response to the Obama Government’s recommendations say that all children should receive a BMI status check. The first lady unveiled her Childhood Obesity Action Plan Childhood Obesity Action Plan earlier this year including plans like building more sidewalks, curbing time with digital media and getting deep fryers out of schools.

I believe everyone is born with a different body structure due to genes, DNA…etc, and for America to fight this “obesity” problem, education with the right knowledge of food should be the first step.

At the end of the this TiE, I want to share this already popular video of Jamie Oliver on Ed talking about healthy eating- To me, this video serve the purpose as a great educational tool for people to understand the difference between looking fat (being called obese) and true healthy eating habit.

What do you think?