Simple Stretch

| November 10, 2010

How many times do you get up and stretch or walk around during eight hours of work time? How often do you pop an Advil or Motrin over a headache or back pain instead of standing up and leave the building for some fresh air? These questions may seem unrelated to education, but in my opinion, they are the roots of a good education. We need tremendous amount of energy for our brain to absolve, digest and intake information, with poor posture and high stress level- doesn’t matter how precious the information or knowledge is, we won’t be able to take them in.

A study, Activity Level Seems to Decline Throughout College Years shows that as we get into high education, the required physical classes decreases and if we don’t put in an effort to walk and exercise a little more, and as such it’s more than likely that our health is going downhill. There are even programs online available for download just to remind you when to stand up and stretch.

Here are some tips on how to stretch your body throughout the course of the day. Remember to walk around and stretch a little when you have the time! Don’t just sit in the office chair all day and stare at the computer.