Trends in Ed: 01.26.2011 – China nurturing creativity

| January 26, 2011

For years, South Korea’s communications commission used technical rules to stifle competition, allowing homegrown companies like Samsung and LG to take over the market, according to a recent
Wall Street Journal report. When Korea finally allowed the iPhone into its market in September 2009, the CEO of Samsung commented that Samsung simply doesn’t have the creativity that iPhone developers have. As of Jan 25, 2011, iPhone sales currently top 2 million in South Korea.

I remember teasing American students’ lack of math skills with other Asian students when I first entered high school in America, but later on quickly realized that none of us were as intellectual and creative as “the stupid American that only know how to use calculators to do math.” To this day, I admire the openness of the American education system as compared to the traditional Asian education system.While Asia’s system place huge emphasis on professions and technical engineering skills, it is hard to come up with innovative and creative products/ideas such as the iPhone or Facebook.

The aforementioned led to me to this NY Times article on how Chinese parents are starting to embrace the value of fun.