Trends in Ed, 12.08.2010 : Bring on the learning Revolution!

| December 8, 2010

This inspiring talk about learning evolution is a continuation of one of my previous Trends in Ed – To change educational paradigms.
Below are a few key points of his talk

– The second climate crisis (other then global warming) we should pay attention to is Education.

– There are people who endure work, rather than enjoy it and there are a minority that love their jobs- their job is who they are.

-We should stop treating education in a linear way. We need to create circumstances for our talent to emerge.

-Instead of having an education evolution, we should have an education revolution.

-With technological and societal change, we need to move with what is going on rather than trying to hold on to the past modules.

– Life is not linear, it is organic; we have become obsessed about following this linearity that we are used to College as one of the epitome of one of the stops in this linear equation.