World AIDS day

| December 1, 2010

I would like to contribute this Trends in Ed to the world’s AIDS day and summarize a few articles about Education in AIDS/HIV.

“In 2010, given how widespread HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns are, you might be surprised to learn how little knowledge about HIV and AIDS many people actually have. It turns out that it is not at all easy to teach about HIV/AIDS, especially in some of the highest-risk regions in the world. Prevention education is a highly localized problem that does not lend itself to a one-size-fits-all solution. Commercial sex work, intravenous drug-use, premarital sex, and homosexuality are controversial topics in many parts of the world, and prevent many HIV/AIDS curricula from being used in those regions.” Credit: Huffington post.
Here are some relevant numbers to consider as you go through your day:

• 33,000,000: People living with AIDS in the world.
• 30 and 44: About half the people living with AIDS are between these ages.
• 15: Age under which there are 2,000,000 children living with AIDS.
• 50: Percent of AIDS orphans who between the ages of 10 and 14 living worldwide.
• 1,100,000: People living in the US with AIDS.
• 3,992: Estimated number of children living in the US with AIDS in 2007.
• 30: Years since AIDS was first recognized as a disease in the U.S.
• 60,000,000: People who have been infected since 1981.
• 36: Number of celebrities who have died of AIDS.
• 22,810: Number of men who got AIDS via homosexual sex in 2008.
• 1,000,000,000+: The amount of passion Bono, U2 front man, has for this cause.
• 4,677: Number of men who got AIDS via heterosexual contact in 2008.

• 13: The number of cities turning red today to raise awareness.
• 0: Hours of time 1,000 African babies per day have lived without HIV, according to UNICEF.
• 5: The amount of cents that Starbucks will contribute to the Global Fund for every handcrafted drink bought in their North American stores today.
• 8,963: Number of women who got AIDS via heterosexual contact in 2008.
• 18: Age of Ryan White, a young hemophiliac, who died of AIDS in 1990 after becoming infected through a blood transfusion.
• 5,200,000: People taking AIDS drugs throughout the World in 2009.
• 10,000,000,000: Dollars short of the $26.8 billion needed worldwide for HIV services.
• 1: Number of condoms you should wear with a partner.

(Note: All numbers from and UNAIDS)

And finally, herehere are three ways you can honor world’s AIDS day, without leaving your desk!