Video Game Badge for Boy Scouts

| May 3, 2010

Boy Scouts can now earn a new “belt loop” badge for video-gaming.

While it’s not technically a full-fledged merit badge, the newly offered  badge has sparked a debate in the online mediasphere.

An executive of Boy Scouts of America said that the decision was made to keep their system “current and relevant” but still not part of their mainstream program.

What’s actually entailed in this new policy? The qualifications for the award include:

  • demonstrating knowledge of the video game rating system
  • creating a schedule balancing gaming with schoolwork and chores
  • learning to play any new video game that is approved by a parent, guardian or teacher

There is also a video pin for Cub Scouts. To earn this academic pin, he must complete five additional requirements, such as installing a game system, playing an educational game or making a tip sheet to help friends play a favorite game. (More)