Trends in Ed: Salad Days for EdTech?

On Wednesday President Obama, as part of his 2012 budget, announced the details of his anticipated ARPA-Ed (Advanced Research Projects Agency for Education) program.  ARPA-ED is a $90 million proposal to catalyze development of educational technology, by funding projects performed by developed in industry, universities, or other innovative organizations.

The specific goals of ARPA-ED include: effective digital tutors, self-improving (or adaptive) online courses, and the use of videogame tools to improve the appeal, and increase the use, of educational software.  One almost has the feeling that President Obama has been attending our Edlab seminars in disguise, or spending time on

Of course, ARPA-ED will still need to be funded by a congress that is increasingly hostile to more spending, particularly on new programs, but, if implemented, it may provide the resources and incentive needed to jumpstart the kind of innovative education Edlab has championed since the beginning.