Trends in Ed: Silicon Alley?

| April 22, 2011

In December of last year, Mayor Bloomberg announced that New York City would be accepting bids for established engineering schools to open a satellite campus in the city.  This is apparently part of his plan to make New York competitive with Silicon Valley or Boston when it comes to engineering and technology entrepreneurship.  When I first heard about this plan last night, I suggested turning Staten Island into one big campus, but it looks like sites being considered include Roosevelt Island and Brooklyn’s Navy yard instead.

The city has since received plenty of applications from both American and foreign institutions to develop this new institution.  Many argue that our country, with New York as epitome, has become over-financialized, and will applaud this program as much needed diversification.

As a New Yorker I support this plan to safeguard New York’s future, but were I in residence anywhere else in America I might think it in somewhat poor taste that a city which already dominates several industries has decided to annex one more.