Trends in Ed:Goodbye Books

| April 29, 2011

The University of Denver has recently announced that its planned renovations to the Penrose Library will include the permanent removal of 80% of the books to an off-site storage facility, so that the building can be transformed into an “academic commons,” with more room for collaborative study spaces.  Although there has been some pushback from the faculty, it looks like protests have been “muted.”

Even defendants of the traditional library admit that their scruples are “touchy-feely,” possibly outdated or inappropriate for the hard-nosed choices that must be made.  The comments section, on the other hand, exhibits a great deal of anger from commentators claiming to be students, faculty, or staff at UD

I can’t say whether this renovation will be a net positive for University of Denver.  I don’t know whether the average student will get better use out of open space than they will out of books.  This would certainly have had a negative impact on my education, which largely took place in library stacks, but I’m not sure I can say the same for my peers.