New Stimulus to Save Teacher Jobs

| August 12, 2010

President Obama signed into law a job stimulus package that poured $10 billion into education and served as welcomed news to teachers who have been laid off or facing layoff nationwide due to budget constraints. Every state in the union qualifies for the aid and should state governors fail to apply for the aid, the Department of Education will decide where the money is needed in that state.  The Dept of Ed also estimate the money will keep more than 160,000 teachers nationwide.

A major string attached to the aid is the stipulation that all the money must be spent on teacher retention and the hiring of new teachers since the aid is part of a broader stimulus package aimed at saving the jobs of government employees.  $16 billion of the stimulus package will also go towards healthcare, which is an unexpected boost for teachers as some states would have had to still cut educational related jobs. Secretary Arne Duncan expects the money to be doled out to states in the coming weeks in time for the new school year.