NYU Students to Create New Social Network

| May 12, 2010

Facebook has been in the news lately for its privacy and security issues. A group of students from NYU has decided to create a social network, called Diaspora, that allows users to have more online privacy and better manage their online identity. (A diaspora, by the way, is any movement of a population sharing common identity.) According to the site creators:

“We believe that privacy and connectedness do not have to be mutually exclusive,” says the team’s page on Kickstarter, a site that offers projects for outside financing. “With Diaspora, we are reclaiming our data, securing our social connections, and making it easy to share on your own terms.”

The students want to create an open-source social network where the users have more control in creating the network itself , not just the information that is placed into the network. It only took the team 12 days to get $20,000 of funding for the project. Their Kickstarter page now shows a $52,973 pledge. You can follow their progress and get Twitter updates here.