Smartphones Now Used by 50% of College Students

| June 23, 2010

According to a recent study by the Institute for Mobile Media Research, smart phones are displacing laptop use for many college students. Nearly 100% of students own a mobile device and 50% of students own a smart phone. The use of smart phone has risen dramatically since the release of other recent reports on student mobile use. Especially important in this study is the finding that text messaging is much more popular than IM and email. This should factor into a university’s decision when developing a new mobile tool. It may be tempting to create educational apps for the iPhone, but it is not a great device for texting and may not be as popular among the student population as other smart phones. Additional findings from the study are included below.

  • Nearly 90% of students with smart phones access the Internet from the device.
  • 97% of students send/receive text messages as compared to 30% for e-mail and 25% with IM.
  • 97% of smart phone owners take and send photographs while 87% take and send video.
  • The use of smart phones by college students has nearly doubled in one year.
  • 77% of smart phone owners have GPS location services on their phone, but only 37% of smart phone owners use GPS to find products and services.