Dome Schools

| April 24, 2010

The first monolithic dome built as a school and is based in in Emmett, Idaho in 1987.

Recently at home in Toronto I picked up a metro paper and found this article that featured domes as efficient models for schools.

The dome is such an efficient shape having lower surface area, and less building material required making them efficient when it comes to energy conservation and holding heat. The benefits are both short- and long-term. In the short-term, a Monolithic Dome school usually costs less to construct, in both time and money, than a conventional building of the same size. In the long-term, a Monolithic Dome’s energy-efficiency and low maintenance allow it to operate very economically. Other long-term benefits include the dome’s strength, longevity and ability to survive virtually any natural or manmade disaster. The idea has spread across North America.

Below are a few examples of schools that have been using this model. For further information check out the Monolithic Dome School site that features news about these spaces.

Bishap Nevins Academy, in Sarasota Florida

School of Communication Arts, Idaho Falls