A new social learning platform offers interactions, gaming, and dinosaurs

| April 22, 2010

Trend: Social learning platforms

Ok, so maybe no dinosaurs (then can someone explain the logo?), but as a platform to which “social is not an option,” Curatr certainly emphasizes interactivity and gaming. How, you might ask? Well, it’s just been released in beta so details are pretty hazy. They have a short intro video (complete with cute music) that kiiind of explains what it is.

The developers based Curatr on two concepts:

    E-learning works best as a two-way process.
    We can learn from anything.

The facets of learning supported by the app include social learning, personalized learning, mobile learning, learning by exploration, games based learning and many more. The curator iPhone (and iPad) app assists in “anywhere, anytime learning.” It’s aesthetically pleasing; you can tell they designed Curatr with touchscreen capabilities in mind (the UI is very clean and simple).

Here’s an even better (though less flashy) description of Curatr:

Ben’s take on the Curatr from Ben Betts on Vimeo.