Parents are getting schooled

| March 4, 2011

It’s a humbling scene faced by countless parents: Your child, confused and frustrated, holds up his science homework and begs you to help him figure it out. You sit down with him, confident and certain of your ability to impart some wisdom. Then, as you stare at the problems on the page your eyes squint, your head shakes, and your mind stalls. What the heck IS a microbe, anyway??

If this sounds at all familiar, you might be inspired to learn of what Boston public schools are doing to help parents in similar situations.

They call it “Parent University,” a 3-day long workshop that teaches parents how to become more involved in their child’s educational process. They believe that with parent involvement students achieve more, regardless of socio-economic status, ethnic/racial background, or parents’ education level.

The program empowers parents to think of themselves as teachers, advocates, leaders, and learners.

Said one graduate of Parent University, “This was the best day ever! I am very happy to be here. All the classes were very interesting and informative. I feel good that I will be able to help my children better with what I learned here today.”

Parent University was recently featured on Good Morning America.