Shake it up

| September 6, 2010

Education = immovable object. Technology = unstoppable force. What happens when the two shall meet?

Chaos and disruption… in a perfect world.

In our world, though, ed-tech startups are hit or miss. Boring, uninteresting, and ineffective startups should take a lesson from the truly revolutionary ones that have the potential to change the way in which we view education. ReadWriteWeb created a list of 5 things that disruptive ed-tech startups are doing.

It should be free(mium)
It should encourage grassroots adoption
It should encourage 21st century teaching and learning
It should contain and encourage open content
The technology should be open source

I say ed-tech startups should be doing even MORE to cause some serious disruption! For example: It should have global appeal (and usage), it should encourage knowledge sharing, and it should be adaptive to the learner.

Not every company that purports to be “different” can be called revolutionary. It is a title that needs to be earned. Disruption should make waves in the waters of education. How many waves are made isn’t important… just as long as they reach the shore.