The Apptastic Future of Publishing

| October 14, 2010

What do Esquire Magazine, Curious George, and huggable plush toys have in common? They all support interactive reading experiences on the iPhone and iPad thanks to ScrollMotion, a NYC-based company that specializes in creating dynamic digital content for mobile devices.

I want a Woogie! I love that it’s marketed as “huggable.” I can learn and love!

Since 2008, ScrollMotion has put over 11,000 apps in the app store quickly and inexpensively. 11,000!

Company co-founder Josh Koppel stresses that in repackaging media for the future, the process must be additive and not reductive. It’s not about turning a children’s book into a pdf. It’s about taking advantage of the platform and adding features like games and character manipulations to make it a personalized experience.

The idea of “repackaging” is interesting. It implies taking material that already exists and forming it into something vaguely reminiscent of what it used to be while presenting it as something new and improved. As we are in the midst of the Digital Revolution, perhaps taking something familiar helps comfortably wean people out of analog and into this new media.

ScrollMotion and companies like it are giving readers a sneak peak of the future of publishing. When content becomes generated specifically for, in this case at least, mobile devices rather than simply being “repackaged” we can consider the future to be upon us.

Source: Mashable