Etch a Sketch 5.0

While South Dakota, Indiana, and a handful of other states have yet to implement any state funding whatsoever for pre-K programs, early childhood education seems to be a growing priority elsewhere. Although ten states did in fact reduce support for pre-K education in 2010, twenty-two are committed to ensuring that children arrive at the first day of Kindergarten as seasoned learners.

Plain old intuition, albeit faulty, might account for why some state legislators don’t esteem early childhood education the same as they do K-12. Whatever the reasons, a growing body of research has demonstrated the considerable cognitive and linguistic gains made by children under age three enrolled in formal programs.

Such findings render innovations in early learning products increasingly appealing objects of study. As companies like Launchpad, Shiddoni, and THUP churn out products targeting young learners (with games that, admittedly, could find a spot on my play-list), I will be curious to see how if or how they become integrated into early learning programs.