We Want More Women Writing Our Code

The Digital Divide no longer longer brings to mind the same concerns about the haves v. have-nots it once did. Increasingly, investigations into disparities in internet access focus on the types of access that characterize different demographic groups’ ways of connecting to the web.

Disparities in access, though widely referenced, only tell one part of the story. As some data put together by the National Center for Women in Information Technology  (NCWIT) clearly shows, women’s presence in the IT field pales in comparison to that of their male counterparts. While the fact sheet blends together education and employment statistics, it would be worth taking a closer look to see how women’s presence in IT compares to that in science and engineering.

Mashable recently surveyed a handful of programs across the country who aim to get women and girls involved in computer science, through informal professional development workshops, in-school interventions, and summer programs. Though the list is short, some of the programs seem promising- and could definitely appeal to super rich former techies looking to follow Bill Gates’ lead, with the right pitch.