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Gaming for Good 

Games make headlines.  They do more than intrigue; they endear themselves to us, giving grown-ups opportunities to re-imagine or re-live in the virtual world the "play" lost to adolescence. Maybe that's too biblical an explanation for gaming's appeal. Reasons aside, the political debates of the early 2000s about violent video games, which spilled out of …

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Etch a Sketch 5.0 

While South Dakota, Indiana, and a handful of other states have yet to implement any state funding whatsoever for pre-K programs, early childhood education seems to be a growing priority elsewhere. Although ten states did in fact reduce support for pre-K education in 2010, twenty-two are committed to ensuring that children arrive at the first …

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Multiplayer Educational Game Tournaments (MEGs) 

Trend: Educational Serious Games Tabula Digita, an educational game design company, responsible for the DimensionM online multiplayer math game series, has been hosting MEGABOWL events bringing elementary and middle school students against their classmates and students from other schools to compete in game tournaments. Tabula Digita has staged tournaments in New York City, Austin, Texas, …

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