How faculty members use digital media in their research?

| May 24, 2010

The Chronicle of Higher Education recently posted an interesting study by Ithaka, a non-profit research organization, which surveyed over 35,000 faculty members regarding how they use various digital media. The study focuses on three areas:

  • how faculty members use and perceive their campus libraries
  • how they are handling the print-to-digital shift in scholarly work
  • how much they have or have not changed their professional habits in an increasingly electronic environment
  • Many findings might not surprise academic librarians:

    • “The library is a starting point or „gateway‟ for locating information for my research”
    • “The library pays for resources I need, from academic journals to books to electronic databases”
    • “The library is a repository of resources – in other words, it archives, preserves, and keeps track of resources”

    Scholars are less likely to begin their research at the library (physically) or at a library catalog.

    They have a preference for access to electronic journals rather than print.

    However, they have been slow to adopt e-book readers. Scholars put more faith in traditional publishing avenues rather than in open-access journals.

    The full report can be found here.