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The Importance of Summer Reading for Students 

The summer is often a time for students to indulge in some of life’s pleasures: ice cream, amusement parks, swimming pool, and playing in the sand at their local beach. However, one activity that students seldom engage during their summers is reading. According to the advocacy group, National Summer Learning Association, different studies have shown …

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Commercialization of Federally-Funded Research 

According to a recent Nature News article, two-thirds of businesses started by professors at US institutions are created without patentable knowledge. The remaining one-third of the 11,572 respondents set up their businesses "to exploit patents obtained through formal university intellectual-property systems". While the lack of patents might be expected in social science academic ventures, non-patentable …

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Data vis is not as easy as it looks! 

Keeping up with digital information can be overwhelming, what with the predicted 1,200 exabytes we will generate in 2010. That’s why data visualization is so important—it allows us to find meaning in that mumbled mess of information. It’s not as easy as people may think, though. It’s not about slapping some numbers into a graph …

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