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The Apptastic Future of Publishing 

What do Esquire Magazine, Curious George, and huggable plush toys have in common? They all support interactive reading experiences on the iPhone and iPad thanks to ScrollMotion, a NYC-based company that specializes in creating dynamic digital content for mobile devices. I want a Woogie! I love that it's marketed as "huggable." I can learn and

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Three Things in a Scholar’s Web Toolkit 

In a bit of cursory research conducted for last week's post on currents of change and debate in the humanities, I came across Omeka, a web publishing and curatorial tool created by George Mason University's Center for History and New Media (CFNM). Home to an assortment of academics, educators, and developers, CFNM's charges itself with …

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New Legislation for Affordable Textbooks 

The price of textbooks has increased at four times the rate of inflation since 1994. Earlier this month, new legislation (2008 Higher Education Opportunity Act)  was adopted to get textbook pricing under control. According to the guidelines, textbook publishers and institutions will be required to: Disclose price and copyright dates of the previous three …

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Charting the future of libraries has no simple alchemy to it. Part prediction, part forecasting (and, possibly, part playing the jeremiad), academic research libraries are learning to re-orient their vision. In "Futures Thinking For Academic Librarians: Higher Education in 2025," the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) spells out 26 scenarios, or …

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What scholars can do outside the walls of big publishers? 

A recent article named Acknowledged Goods: Cultural Studies and the Politics of Academic Journal Publishing by Ted Stiphas (a professor at Indiana University), from the journal Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies, is an interesting piece exploring five major trends affecting scholarly communication today: alienation, proliferation, consolidation, pricing, and digitization. Here is the abstract:

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Sage Journals’ New Publishing Platform to be Launched 

According to the recent SAGE news, all 560+ SAGE journals will be migrate individually onto its new online publishing platform, supported by HighWire Press’ “2.0” technology (H2O). Some new features and functionality will include:

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Children’s E-books Continue to Proliferate 

According to Publisher Weekly, until early April, Apple had sold 300,000 iPads and users had downloaded more than one million iPad apps and more than 2.5 million ebooks from the iBookstore.

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New Textbook Platform by McGraw-Hill & Intel 

With a hint of sarcastic tone that seems to doubt any sweeping success, the Wall Street Journal reported today that McGraw-Hill's Education unit will venture further into digital learning by releasing a new internet-based reading platform for elementary school children.

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