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Trends in Ed: Every Man a King! 

For this Trends in Ed, I’d like to talk a little bit about the future of E-books and education.  I am lucky in that there are plenty of brave men and women who have studied for many years to chart our future, so I need only take my cue from them.  In Neal Stephenson’s The …

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Trends in Ed: Salad Days for EdTech? 

On Wednesday President Obama, as part of his 2012 budget, announced the details of his anticipated ARPA-Ed (Advanced Research Projects Agency for Education) program.  ARPA-ED is a $90 million proposal to catalyze development of educational technology, by funding projects performed by developed in industry, universities, or other innovative organizations. (more…)

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Girls: Get your geek on! 

Fact: Women are underrepresented in tech. The problem starts early but it’s never too late to offer a solution. Sara Chipps, a freelance coder in NYC, might have developed an answer: Girl Develop IT. Chipps’ theory is that in order to close the gender gap we need to get women “to ship software.” The GDI …

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The Future of Civics Education 

Pairing big city governments with Web 2.0 talent will change the way municipalities will do business. With a healthy infusion of technologists' skills and sensibilities, some city operations could end up looking more like those of a start-up than of government. At least, such is the hope of Code for America, an incipient venture that …

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We Want More Women Writing Our Code 

The Digital Divide no longer longer brings to mind the same concerns about the haves v. have-nots it once did. Increasingly, investigations into disparities in internet access focus on the types of access that characterize different demographic groups' ways of connecting to the web. Disparities in access, though widely referenced, only tell one part of …

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The future is open 

In his presentation on the future of education (above), Ed tech blogger Martin Weller describes his vision. Among the trends he notes are the increasing social, open, and informal aspects of education. Weller posed the question, “Why did I make this?” after revealing that he has never met the two people who had asked him …

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Learning Apps For Kids 

Pocket solutions for learning: What PBS kids research has found about cell phone applications and behaviors using mobile devices. This article covers the release that PBS KIDS recently announced initial results of a study on the educational benefits of mobile gaming apps in conjunction with the 7th Annual Games for Change Festival (G4C) in New …

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Presentations with panache 

Let me preface this by saying I know this is not a new trend, but I think enough people don’t know about it to warrant a posting. Pecha Kucha. No, it’s not baby talk (I hope I didn’t alienate any Japanese-speaking readers—it’s just a really cute-sounding phrase!) but it does add a new and unexpected …

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