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We Want More Women Writing Our Code 

The Digital Divide no longer longer brings to mind the same concerns about the haves v. have-nots it once did. Increasingly, investigations into disparities in internet access focus on the types of access that characterize different demographic groups' ways of connecting to the web. Disparities in access, though widely referenced, only tell one part of …

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Yo dawg I heard you liked learning apps… 

Mix the physical word with a sprinkle of virtual data, spread it onto a mobile device and what do you have? A recipe for augmented reality, that's what. For those of you who check-in using the location-based social networking app, Foursquare, there’s a new feature for you to check out: location layers. So far, the …

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Smartphones Now Used by 50% of College Students 

According to a recent study by the Institute for Mobile Media Research, smart phones are displacing laptop use for many college students. Nearly 100% of students own a mobile device and 50% of students own a smart phone. The use of smart phone has risen dramatically since the release of other recent reports on student …

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Sports of a Smarter Sort 

With the World Cup starting, soccer enthusiasts, sport aficionados, and anyone who keeps even mildly abreast of developments in the sporting world are bound to rehash the all-too-familiar conversation about the relationship between sports and youth learning and development. With an event of such size and magnitude, newspapers and media outlets that typically relegate such …

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A promising development for mLearning 

Startup KwiqApps has received funding for a word search app for the iPad. The company is currently devising additional ed apps for iPhone, iPad and Android systems. KwiqApps’ founder, Yadong Liu, believes the iPad is the perfect platform for learning apps for children because of the interactivity it affords. Educational apps aren’t a new …

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