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Trends in Ed: Salad Days for EdTech? 

On Wednesday President Obama, as part of his 2012 budget, announced the details of his anticipated ARPA-Ed (Advanced Research Projects Agency for Education) program.  ARPA-ED is a $90 million proposal to catalyze development of educational technology, by funding projects performed by developed in industry, universities, or other innovative organizations. (more…)

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Share and the world shares with you 

The current issue of the EDUCAUSE Review focuses on openness in education; more specifically, its articles cover the topics of the open future/student/course/faculty/ed tech/world. According to the 2010 Horizon Report, openness in higher education will reach mainstream use within 12 months. Openness in higher ed refers to the sharing of content, resources, courseware, and textbooks. …

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Getting to the bottom of “Emerging Technologies” 

Emerging Technologies in Distance Education, edited by George Veletsianos, promises to be a useful resource for those interested in the impact of tech in ed (which should be all of everyone at the Lab...). The very first issue that the editor takes on is an interesting conundrum; his method of solving it was even more …

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Walmart U 

Rates of enrollment an for-profit institutions is rising rapidly. Questions are being raised about the quality of education being "sold" at or-profit universities such as the American Public University (aka the Walmart of Higher Ed). APU's nickname may soon be official; on June 3 the university has partnered with Walmart to offer degrees to the …

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A simple (but brilliant!) solution to an OpenCourseWare problem 

Thanks to Pierre Far, OpenCourseWare has gotten even better! Far developed a search engine, OCW Search, that indexes course offerings and course content from MIT, Stanford Engineering Everywhere, Open University LearningSpace, UMass- Boston, and the University of Tokyo. Far was responding to the fragmented experience learners face when searching for courses on the aforementioned OCW …

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Avatars in Education 

80% of the worlds active Internet users will be in a virtual world by the end of 2011 (Gartner,2007). According to analyst firm Gartner predicts that by 2013, 70% of companies will have issued their employees guidelines on how virtual avatars involved in company business should act and dress. Avatars and virtual interactions are becoming …

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The Emergent Definition for Digital Literacy 

A New Handbook for Digital Literacy Classroom Teaching The FutureLab, UK, has recently issued Digital Literacy across the Curriculum (pdf), a handbook aimed at educational practitioners and leaders from primary to secondary schools who are interested in creative and critical uses of technology in the classroom. The handbook presents many case studies (pdf) of digital …

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